10 Years of Main Tera Hero

Written by on April 7, 2024

The comic caper Main Tera Hero (2014), directed by David Dhawan, completed 10 years on April 4. It is memorable for its chartbuster songs, funny moments, killer dialogues and of course the massy performance by Varun Dhawan. When the film was being shot in Bangkok, Thailand, David Dhawan went through a shocking health scare. Varun opened up about his astonishing and scary experience in an interview with Bombay Times on March 25, 2014.

Varun Dhawan began by saying that even in the past, his father had been unwell and in such times, his mother took care of him. But when Main Tera Hero was being shot in Bangkok, there was no one else from his family apart from him.

He then explained how it all began saying, “He had gone to the gym to see the location when he fell and hurt his throat and knee and was in bad pain, thinking he broke it but nothing happened. We went to the hospital and the doctor told him to sleep. My father said he is fine to me and I assumed that since he said he is fine, means he is fine.”

The shoot began and during lunch time, he saw David Dhawan consuming some tablets. He also saw his assistant Umesh Ghadge rubbing his legs. Varun asked him to sleep and started rubbing his hands. He then said, “He looked at me and said, ‘I am going’ three times and he sank. He just passed out. It happened for 10 seconds and I remember each second of it. Everyone on the set was staring at us and there was not a soul who moved. Everyone thought he had died, including myself.”

Varun Dhawan then revealed, “In my reflex, I put my hand into his mouth, separating his jaw. He immediately puked and came back. It all happened within a few seconds. I started shouting, screaming, abusing everyone on the set to get the ambulance. I was hysterical.”


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