Dorsland Baobab: 2100 Years Old

The Dorsland Baobab is located toward the south of Khaudum National Park in Namibia. It’s also known as the Dorsland Tree and the Dorsland Grootboom. The latter is Afrikaans for “Big Thirsty Tree.”

This tree was almost 100 feet around and 50 feet tall when it fell over. Despite falling, it’s still alive and growing. Trees as old as the Dorsland Baobab grow nearby and are dying so there is a worry that it is in danger.

There are old carvings in the tree. The Dorsland trekkers from South Africa that were exploring the region camped near the tree in 1883. They carved the year into the tree during their stay.

Germany colonized Namibia from 1884 to 1890. German soldiers that came near the tree in 1891 carved the year and a few names into the tree. They did this since they knew the trekkers had passed by almost a decade earlier.


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