Heeramandi actress Abha Ranta reveals she drew “inspiration from Friends” scene for murder sequence in Sanjay Leela Bhansali show.

Written by on May 16, 2024

Actress Abha Ranta is currently winning laurels for playing a prominent character in her first web show Heeramandi. The passion and authenticity that she brought to her character is totally praiseworthy. In a conversation with us, the actress spoke about her character and shared about performing a murder scene.

Speaking of her character, Abha says, “I essayed the role of the younger version of Mallikajaan who is as fierce as a tigress. She is someone who is always striving to be strong and battle is mainly for dominance and survival. As the young Mallika, I knew that the character had to have grit and an underlying strength that was waiting to take control. And the transition from a vulnerable Mallika to someone ruthless who would kill her own sister and scar the face of the other was a challenging yet exciting task and was very important to me personally. I made sure to embody the essence of a tigress in the world of Heeramandi.”

Further sharing how she shot a murder scene, the actress says, “For the murder scene, I drew inspiration from a scene in Friends where Monica explains the 7 erogenous zones to Chandler. I read about how serial killers derive a sense of power and control over their victims, gaining disturbing satisfaction from it. This insight into the psychology of such individuals proved useful in portraying the complexity of Young Mallika Jaan.”

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