This Pet Is So Big Many People Think That It’s A Dog BUT !!!!

Written by on October 2, 2023

It doesn’t take much effort for cats to win people’s hearts and go viral on the internet.

Today, there are many pet videos or images all over the web. However, some animals end up standing out because of their peculiar and unique characteristics, as well as the creativity and care of their owners.

This is the case with a cat named Kefir who lives with its owner Yuliya Minina in Stary Oskol, Russia. It didn’t take too long for the cat to stick out because of its enormous size. The owner told Bored Panda that Kefir is 1 year and 9 months old now and weighs around 26.5 pounds. Even though the cat is huge already, Yuliya expects it to grow a bit more. “It’s normal for Maine Coons to keep growing up until they are 3 years old.”

“It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because it is huge. Many people think that it’s a dog at first.”

This is Kefir, a cat that got famous because of its enormous size

Image credits: yuliyamnn

The owner shared that they got Kefir from a cattery. They loved that the cat’s fur was so beautiful and white. That’s where the name, which means dairy drink, came from. Kefir immediately refused to eat dry cat food and started being fed only meat and natural feed.

Yuliya revealed that the only drawback to Kefir’s maintenance is the large amount of wool that the cat leaves around the house. However, it is treated like a true family member and always sits together with Yuliya and her family by the table when they’re dining.

“But in general, this is a super-smart cat. It weirdly can feel the general mood in the house. Kefir doesn’t meow, doesn’t yell, and doesn’t harm the furniture. A truly perfect cat.”



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