Govinda and David Dhawan end feud.

Written by on November 22, 2023

n the realms of Bollywood, few actor-director collaborations have achieved the iconic status that Govinda and David Dhawan enjoyed during the 80s and 90s.

Their partnership gave birth to 17 films, most of which became hits.

Despite their successful run, the duo faced a bitter fallout after their last collaboration in Partner (2007). However, recent developments indicate that the longstanding feud has finally come to an end, with Govinda and David Dhawan patching things up.


Govinda and David Dhawan bury the hatchet; says, “Let bygones be bygones”

The Bollywood fraternity took notice when Govinda and David Dhawan were spotted interacting at filmmaker Ramesh Taurani’s Diwali party,


Govinda also revealed that the Diwali party hosted by Ramesh Taurani was the first film party he attended in nearly two decades.

Reflecting on the changing dynamics of Bollywood gatherings, he criticized the trend of exclusive group parties and emphasized his preference for a more inclusive social environment. Govinda stated, “Ramesh Taurani is a good person.

Over the years, Bollywood parties have become these group parties, and if you don’t belong to a certain group (camp), you aren’t invited. If you are not seen at these parties, it is assumed that you aren’t social, which is wrong. I am not anti-social at all, and I don’t believe in groups.” He underlined the misconception that not attending such events implies being anti-social, emphasizing his belief in a more open and diverse social scene.


source : bollywood hungama

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