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The only part of the body that cannot repair itself is the tooth. The tooth cannot replace or repair itself in humans. Human teeth don’t have the cells necessary to repair damages like other organs and structures do.

Arjun Kapoor will be a part of this highly anticipated Singham 3. The actor will be seen as the antagonist and he will be seen fighting against Ajay Devgn, Sooryavanshi aka Akshay Kumar, Simmba aka Ranveer Singh, and Lady Singham aka Deepika Padukone. And now the latest update on the franchise is that the makers will […]

The picturesque village is filled with rustic cottages and surrounded by tall trees — just like a fairytale! Visitors can either kayak through the scenic neighbourhood or ride a bike on the footpaths.

This ancient Inca town rests on top of two fault lines in Peru. That means earthquakes were expected events. So how did they live through it? In fact, the Incans created a brilliant engineering technique called ‘ashlar masonry’, where rocks are cut to fit perfectly together without mortar. This allowed the stones to move in its […]

While they’re often prepared and eaten like vegetables, funnily enough, avocados are biologically fruits. Even weirder, avocados are actually single-seeded berries in the same family as sassafras, the bay laurel, and various species of cinnamon tree.

Bacteria and fungi love moist, warm, dark areas like your ear canal, and studies show that earbuds can cause an 11-fold increase in the bacteria in the ear canal. You shouldn’t share your earbud with anyone because that can increase your exposure to new bacteria or fungi.

You can’t see it very well because your brain ignores it through a process called Unconscious Selective Attention. So, even though your nose is right in front of you, your brain focuses on other things instead.

In the 1830s, tomato ketchup used to be sold as a medicine, claiming to cure ailments like diarrhoea, indigestion, and jaundice. The idea was first proposed by Dr. John Cook Bennett, an American physician, in 1834, who is said to sell the recipe later in form of ‘tomato pills’.

When tigers roar, the sound can be heard nearly two miles away. Why are a tiger’s pipes so powerful? It turns out they can stretch their vocal cords in a special way that pumps up the volume of their vocalizations.

They have eye tubes or cylinders, rod-shaped eyes that do not move in their sockets as eyeballs do. Instead, owls have to move their bodies or heads in order to look around.

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