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  Long eyelashes are considered a beauty feature, and wanting thick long lashes is every woman’s desire. Aside from making you look beautiful, eyelashes play a major role in preventing the eyes from getting damaged by dust, debris, and other foreign particles. It is for this reason that you must take proper care of your […]

From potato and papaya peels to lemon juice, using home remedies is one of the best and most affordable ways of getting flawless skin. As you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen, you can prepare do-it-yourself face masks for healthy skin.   Apply raw potato Raw potato is a great skin brightener. […]

Cinnamon is the boss of antibacterial attributes and more often than not a thorough cleaning of the skin with cinnamon is all you need after a long sweaty day. The trick is to massage your face with cinnamon ice-cubes, leave it for an hour or so and wash your face thoroughly for healthy skin.   […]

Green tea is flushed with antioxidants which is a great antidote for early ageing, dark circles and pimples. Along with detoxifying your body and burning excess fat, it also prevents diseases and keeps your skin young and happy. Sometimes I wonder is there anything green tea can’t fix?   How To Make It? In the […]

A food that is hydrating and stacked with vitamin C is not only good for your gut but also a good enough refreshment for your skin. Cucumber and lemon are both excellent antioxidants that cleanse and brighten your skin naturally. When made to ice, this beauty cocktail will stimulate blood circulation and keep pimples, acne, […]

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