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To dream of pain represents difficulties or loss. It may also reflect emotional pain or humiliation. It’s common to experience pain in a dream after a relationship has ended. Source: Dream Bible

A father broke the stereotype by organising a ‘baraat‘ for his daughter on her way home after her divorce. The father, while expressing his support for his daughter, said that she should be treated with dignity and respect when her inlaws do something wrong. The video of the same was posted by the father himself […]

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala in the past announced his plans to make the biggest Housefull film till date by bringing in an entire universe of actors on board Housefull 5. Over the last few months, Sajid has been trying to get a massive cast on board Housefull 5 and make it one the biggest films of all […]


October 22, 2023


October 22, 2023

For Rapid City native Kevin Schmidt, there’s nothing odd about climbing 1,500 feet in the air to change a light bulb. He’s climbed hundreds of towers during the past eight years, in dozens of states, through every season, sometimes in 60 mph winds. Every six months this man in South Dakota climbs 457 meter communication tower […]

A man who won $158.4m in the Jamaican lottery wore the iconic “Scream” mask to hide his identity while collecting his winnings. The winner, named only as A Campbell, was pictured holding his novelty outsized cheque in the black-and-white mask, made famous by the horror film franchise.

A water lily is an aquatic plant beloved by many people. The masterpiece “Water Lilies” by French painter Oscar-Claude Monet has been popular for over a century. Most water lilies have delicate flowers and leaves, floating exquisitely on the surface of the water. However, there is a kind of water lily that has giant leaves […]

Why qatar has blue roads? If you are thinking of visiting Qatar, or you live in Qatar, you may be suprised to find some roads in Doha painted in blue while others are painted with the regular black asphalt. Painiting of roads in blue has never be done anywhere, Qatar are the first to have […]

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