Internet thanks Bengaluru man for distributing water to traffic cops amid heatwave

Written by on April 2, 2024

water bengaluru

Amidst the scorching heatwave in Bengaluru, a kindhearted resident has emerged as an unsung hero. The man takes time off his daily routine to ride around the city on his scooter, offering water bottles to traffic police officers battling the sweltering conditions. A video of his kind gesture has gone viral.

The clip, shared by Shree Ram Bishnoi, a traffic warden and ambulance volunteer with the Bangalore City Police, capturing this selfless act, shows the man stopping near traffic cops and generously distributing water bottles from his bag. At the end of the clip, one officer graciously thanks him for his thoughtful deed. Social media users have lauded this unknown benefactor, calling him one of Bengaluru’s “unsung heroes”.

As Bengaluru faces severe water shortages alongside rising temperatures, acts like these provide essential relief to those most affected by the extreme weather conditions.


Source: IndiaToday

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