Man Hangs From Moving Car’s Door With Plastic Wrap !!!!!

Written by on April 24, 2024

Man Hangs From Moving Car's Door With Plastic Wrap, Video Has 92 Million Views

Of late, the trend of Instagram influences indulging in dangerous car stunts for shooting reels has seen a sharp rise.

Despite repeated reminders by authorities, content creators don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Now, a similar video has surfaced showing a man hanging from the door of a moving car with plastic wrap, leaving social media users stunned.

This video was shared on Instagram by user Sumit Dubey who has 4,32,000 followers.

The clip opens to show a man clinging to the door of a moving car with the help of plastic.

Despite the risks involved, the man appears to be enjoying the stunt and expresses no fear.

He even gave a high-five to the man driving the car and also interacted with the man sitting in the back.

Shared on April 12, the video has gone crazy viral, garnering a whopping 92 million views and more than 2,128,526 likes.

The shocking footage has sparked both concern and amazement online.

The comments on the video were turned off after many criticised the content creator for making his friends do such a risky act for his reels.

Meanwhile, the clip has also gone viral on other social media platforms where people expressed concern about the potential consequences.

source :NDTV

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