The $59 million ‘wedding of the century’ in Paris that Internet can’t stop talking about

Written by on November 27, 2023

The $59 million 'wedding of the century' in Paris that Internet can't stop talking about. (Image courtesy: Instagram)\

This wedding in Paris is being hailed as the ‘wedding of the century.’ Madelaine Brockway, a 26-year-old woman who’s family owns a successful car dealership business, tied the knot with Jacob LaGrone in an extravagant celebration in Paris. Despite not being celebrities, the couple’s nuptials have captured the attention of many online.

The week-long festivities were nothing short of opulent, with Brockway donning luxurious attire throughout. The couple spared no expense, flying guests to Paris on private jets, securing the iconic Palace of Versailles for part of their celebration, and even hosting a private performance by the popular band Maroon 5. The event was lavishly decorated with an abundance of exquisite flowers, adding to the fairy-tale ambience.

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