The real reason why Salman Khan is not doing Ravindra Kaushik Biopic Black Tiger

Written by on February 17, 2023

Salman Khan is among the biggest superstars of all time and every move of his makes it to the headline. During the pandemic time, Salman had confirmed in a media interaction that he was in talks for the official biopic of Indian Spy, Ravindra Kaushik with director Rajkumar Gupta. However, after that, things fizzled out. Now, a source close to Salman tells us the real reason why Bhaijaan is not doing the film.

“Salman Khan is already doing a spy film in the Tiger Franchise which will be growing from strength to strength in the years to come by. He didn’t want to do another spy film, which will lead to a comparison between the two characters. Interestingly, even the legendary Indian spy, Ravindra Kaushik had the code name Tiger, making things even more similar. Hence, after a series of discussions with his team, he let go off Black Tiger,” a source told Bollywood Hungama.

The rights to make the film were resting with director Rajkumar Gupta. “After confirming with Salman about his involvement in the project, Rajkumar Gupta didn’t renew the rights. They eventually lapsed and were acquired by Anurag Basu. The film will now be made by Anurag Basu, who also has Salman at the back of his mind,” the source further told us.

What about conflict with Tiger? “Anurag Basu’s vision for Ravindra Kaushik is very different from the Tiger franchise. However, he is still not 100 percent sure about the casting of Black Tiger. There is also a chance of him approaching a younger actor to play the lead role. We will have a clear picture on Black Tiger in one month.”

Ravindra Kaushik is the most iconic spy of RAW and the biopic on him is awaited by one and all.

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