UK Man Deep Cleans His House For 6 Hours, Sends Wife Bill !!!!

Written by on March 2, 2024

UK Man Deep Cleans His House For 6 Hours, Sends Wife Rs 74,000 Bill As A Joke. See Post

A man in the UK handed his wife a 700 pound bill after he spent six hours deep cleaning the house.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Marc Hatch, who runs his own cleaning business, Clean Me, was tasked with deep-cleaning an entire house, which he shares with his wife and three children.

After completing the work, he sent the invoice to his wife Jasmine, as a prank.

However, the payment was ignored by his wife, who was left amused by the hilarious request.

He also shared a screenshot of the invoice he had sent to his wife, 34, in a WhatsApp chat, which read, ”Hi Jasmine, please find your payment link following yesterday’s clean. Please click the link and select your preferred payment method. Thank you for your business.”

She hilariously responded, ”Get a grip, we’re married with three kids.”

To her reply, Mr Hatch jokingly complained that it was ”hard work” and he spent ”half a day” doing it.

Meanwhile, the couple’s hilarious conversation has gone viral on social media.

He later told Kennedy News and Media, ”We have an ongoing joke about things that we should get paid for.


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