Walk On Carpet Of Cash-Goes Viral

Written by on June 29, 2024

Russian Influencer Makes Girlfriend Walk On Carpet Of Cash, Old Video Goes Viral Again

Rich people do all sorts of crazy things to flaunt their wealth.

Recently, an old video showing a Russian entrepreneur’s girlfriend walking on bundles of cash has resurfaced on social media, igniting a heated debate.

The controversial video has been widely condemned by online users, who called the act ”disgusting”.

The video was shared on Instagram by Russian entrepreneur and social media personality Sergei Kosenko, also known as Mr Thank You

For the video, the influencer rolled out a carpet of cash for his girlfriend’s grand entrance.

The clip opened to show Mr Kosenko’s girlfriend stepping out of a helicopter and descending onto a pile of cash, walking on it while holding his hand. The video’s caption featured three love-filled emojis.

On Instagram, Sergei Kosenko describes himself as a ”Creator. Singer.

Entrepreneur. Philanthropist”, and has garnered an impressive 43 million followers. He frequently posts on Instagram, offering glimpses into his relationship with his girlfriend, his ventures and travel adventures.

The influencer is no stranger to controversies and has faced backlash in the past for online stunt videos.

Earlier in 2021, he had run into trouble after tying his girlfriend to the roof of a Bentley for a video. The same year, he was kicked out of Bali for holding a party on the Indonesian holiday island that violated COVID-19 rules, as per Moscow Times.


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