Why did this woman and her 6 daughters go for dinner in wedding outfits?

Written by on June 9, 2023

Mother and 6 daughters go out for dinner wearing wedding outfits. (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Alexis Houston shared a video on Instagram which is causing quite a hullabaloo on social media for all the right reasons. Alexis along with her five sisters and her mother went out for dinner together, but it wasn’t like any other dinner outing. All of these women wore their wedding gowns for the special dinner. The video was loved by Instagram users and it has garnered over 5 million views.

Wedding outfits are expensive and the worst part is we probably wear them just once in our lifetime or maybe reuse it for one or two events. Other than that, it remains locked in our closet. Alexis explains the idea of stepping out dressed in their wedding gown in the caption, “We decided that the most expensive dresses we owned deserved to be worn and enjoyed for more than just one day in our lives. We’ve decided to make this a yearly tradition.”

She recommends everyone should do this. “I’ve been asked what the response was from the people around us. Well, we were recorded on phones, complimented, asked what the occasion was & asked to be taken photos with. can’t say we didn’t enjoy the attention,” she added.

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