World Environment Day

Written by on June 5, 2023

May be a doodle of poster, plant and text that says 'JUNE 5 2023 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY'

Issues such as pollution, climate change, deforestation, and human overpopulation have drastically changed the way the world works. Because of the significance of these issues, the United Nations created World Environment Day to help educate people about the consequences of human activity.

World Environment Day is a holiday all about teaching people about environmental issues, giving people the opportunity to change the habits they have that are affecting the environment and work towards change.

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ main vehicle for encouraging action and awareness in terms of protecting the environment. The day has been held for many years now, with the first World Environment Day occurring in 1974. It has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on different environmental problems and issues that are emerging because of wildlife crime, global warming, human overpopulation, marine pollution, and other problems. On this day, we are encouraged to learn more about these issues and how we can protect the environment, as well as encouraging others to broaden their knowledge as well.

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