Car Appears To Defy Gravity !!!!!

Written by on April 26, 2024

Car Appears To Defy Gravity In Viral Video, But Here's The Clever Trick
A curious car spotted cruising the streets of America has left onlookers baffled and social media buzzing.
The vehicle appears to be defying gravity, driving along with its wheels seemingly in the air.

The car’s unusual design quickly grabbed attention online after a video was shared on Instagram.

The clip shows the car from various angles, highlighting its upended appearance-even the axle and engine seem to be upside down.

This mind-bending display, however, is simply a clever illusion.

The car is not actually defying physics but rather sporting a meticulously crafted design to create the upside-down effect.

Some social media users have praised the car’s creators for their boldness and creativity, while others have expressed concerns about potential safety hazards or the practicality of such a design.

The viral video has garnered over 3.6 million views on Instagram, sparking discussions and amusement online.

Whether you find it impressive, impractical, or simply bizarre, this upside-down car has undoubtedly captured the public’s imagination.

source : NDTV

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