The Gate Tower Building is a 16-floor office building in Japan. It is notable for the highway offramp of the Ikeda Route that passes through the building. A wood and charcoal business held […]

A woman in China has complained to the police after a shop owner mocked her for asking prices of different items but not buying anything. The incident took place in […]

Heartland stories brimming with crime and grime have firmly entrenched themselves as reigning narratives, captivating audiences with their raw authenticity and gripping plotlines. Set against the backdrop of small towns […]

This teddy bear is the most expensive one in the world and has a really crazy price. It was made by famous German company that manufactures toys or Steiff, and was […]

His girlfriend lives off junk food and never eats vegetables (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images) A man has been applauded by strangers after he admitted he was planning on breaking up with his girlfriend because […]

A family of eight in China is making waves on social media for its unconventional lifestyle choice. Instead of living in a house, the family has been staying in a luxury […]

Every year when the winter comes, the pristine waters the meandering of Torne River slow down and freeze into ice. On one chilly day in 1989, the first ever Icehotel […]

Charlie Chaplin once entered a contest for Charlie Chaplin lookalikes and came in third.

BRETT STEVENS/GETTY IMAGES Discover four ways to reduce your discomfort while enjoying this cruciferous veggie. Let’s cut right to the chase: Does cabbage give you gas? If so, you aren’t […]

GERENME/GETTY IMAGES With mattress pads, sheets, comforters, pillow shams and duvet covers, washing bedding can get complicated! Find out how to wash a comforter the right way—and how often. It’s […]

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