For a long time, the most photogenic symbol of this Mediterranean country was Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brač. This golden cape is a true shape-shifter. The tip of its 500-meter-long pebble tongue constantly moves under the influence of winds, waves, and sea currents!

But after Google Earth highlighted Galešnjak as an island shaped like a heart in February 2009, the Dalmatian coast got another peculiar shape contender that even most Croats were not aware of.

Unlike neighboring Italy, which doesn’t only have the shape of a boot but also an internationally successful footwear industry, Croatia doesn’t produce boomerangs, croissants nor crocodiles.

With tourism as the country’s main export, could Croatia capitalize on the newly found island that looks like a heart for more than it is? Especially because, as we will reveal here, there are at least 5 heart-shaped islands in Croatia!