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Eight engineering enthusiasts from the Netherlands have built the world’s longest bicycle.Measuring an incredible 55.16 metres (180 ft 11 in), it’s around the same length as two blue whales or four […]

Alexis Rose Alford (born April 10, 1998), also known as Lexie Limitless, is an American adventure traveller and YouTuber who is notable for traveling to 196 countries before reaching the […]

A first-time flyer caused havoc on an Air China flight after mistakenly opening the emergency exit door while trying to find the aircraft’s toilet. Air China flight CA2754 from Quzhou to Chengdu had been waiting to […]

An image of a twisting pine tree growing from a curiously curved rock pops into Chinese minds when they hear of the Yellow Mountains. These mystical and mystical mountains are the […]

Bollywood actor Salman Khan received the loudest cheers when he performed alongside groom-to-be Anant Ambani during the latter’s wedding sangeet in Mumbai on Friday evening. At the ceremony, the duo played […]

After almost four weeks of power-packed action, drama and plenty of twists, the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 ends with India crowned world champions. After reaching the precipice on so […]

The Mandela Effect occurs when a person believes that their distorted memories are, in fact, accurate recollections. They can clearly remember events that happened differently or events that never occurred at […]

It is called mandrake because the large taproot can appear to look like the human form. To some, the roots resemble either the male or the female body. The medieval […]

Best Friends Day falls on June 8 each year to honor your closest and dearest friend. The relationship between best friends is often fierce and can withstand distance, storms and silence. […]

Cruise shuts down Portofino bay and keeps people in Genoa awake with loud music Residents and businesses in Portofino and Genoa have been left fuming as the Italian cities were shut down and people […]

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