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Eyebrows are a defining feature of your face.  They can make your face look more symmetrical and structured. For this reason, many women trim or shape their eyebrows regularly. However, regular plucking and trimming can lead to thinning eyebrows, and losing eyebrow hair can be a distressing situation. A number of factors may lead to thinning […]

Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, is prone to various skin problems, including acne or scalp folliculitis. Scalp acne generally develops due to clogging of the hair follicles with dirt or oil. These blocked pores can swell up, get infected, and appear as bumps, often causing irritation, itching, and redness. Due to its […]

A blemish appears in the form of a spot, patch, or discoloration on the skin. While they are generally not a health problem, facial blemishes can make you conscious of your looks. There are various preventive measures and home remedies that you can try to help improve the appearance of such spots. Home Remedies for […]

While foot odor may be an annoying and embarrassing problem, it may sometimes be a symptom of a more serious problem. People who have a tendency to perspire profusely are usually the most affected. In fact, smelly feet are often associated with sweaty feet When perspiration from your feet gets trapped within the confines of […]

The skin on your neck may easily turn dark due to simple and common reasons such as hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, unprotected sun exposure, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), and diabetes. This hyperpigmentation may be accompanied by other symptoms such as changes in skin texture from soft to rough or dry. These secondary symptoms mainly depend […]

Ingrown hair is a frequent problem that often develops after shaving the hair, especially in the legs, arms, and underarms. Ingrown hair develops due to hair growing from the hair follicle that curls and reenters the skin, further growing into the skin. This causes inflammation, pain, infection, and eruptions. Ingrown hair is a common problem […]

Excessive pressure and friction on the foot can lead to the formation of a thickened patch of skin, known as a corn. It appears as a raised, hard, bump on the foot. Foot corns are a common and mild problem that generally resolves on its own, once the foot is relieved of the sources of […]

The hair is naturally coated with a layer of oil or sebum released by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles. This layer of oil protects the hair from damage and dryness. However, various factors can strip the oil of the hair, such as the use of styling tools, exposure chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and […]

Blind pimples, similar to other forms of acne, appear as red, inflamed spots and develop due to clogging of the pores. However, blind pimples do not have a distinguishing tip, as they form beneath the skin surface. Blind pimples usually resolve on their own, but they are quite painful, inflammatory, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are […]

Blackheads are tiny, dark spots on the skin. A dermatologist or skin specialist is best equipped to remove deep-rooted blackheads. However, superficial ones can be easily addressed through proper skin care and home treatments. Home Remedies for Blackheads The following at-home treatments can help remove and prevent blackheads. Disclaimer: Always conduct a patch test before applying […]

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