TRIFLE INGREDIENTS This traditional Trifle is made using simple ingredients including: Jam Swiss Roll, custard (you can use homemade custard), fruit and whipped cream, however you can also customize it to suit your taste and preferences. Jam Roll Custard Jelly Fruit Salad – you can also use fresh fruits. Whipped Cream

This holiday celebrates the history and deliciousness of all kinds of chocolate cakes. For a sweet treat that is so commonplace, chocolate cake has an interesting history for how it came to be. The chocolate cake we love today has undergone many iterations since its invention. National Chocolate Cake Day is a lighthearted food holiday to enjoy […]

This spiced, grilled chicken is the perfect addition to every barbecue! The juicy chicken is sure to impress family and friends. 10 Ingredients 1.5kg whole chicken 2 tbsp gluten-free red curry paste 3 tbsp vegetable oil 200g (1 cup) long-grain white rice 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 227g can pineapple pieces in juice, drained, juice reserved 2 […]

Christmas Cookies Ingredients These are the basic ingredients you’ll need to make this soft Christmas cookie recipe: Flour: These classic Christmas cookies start with all-purpose flour. Baking powder: Baking powder acts as a leavener, which means it makes the cookies rise. Salt: A pinch of salt enhances the overall flavor, but it won’t make the […]

Katsu is a Japanese dish of crispy fried cutlets coated with Panko bread crumbs.Chicken katsu is Japanese-style fried chicken. Chicken Katsu Ingredients These are the ingredients you’ll need to make this chicken katsu recipe at home: · Chicken: You’ll need four skinless, boneless chicken breast halves. · Seasonings: This chicken katsu recipe is simply seasoned […]

Got some leftover roasted chicken? This pizza is the PERFECT way to use it! If you don’t, shredding rotisserie chicken is a great alternative. If neither of those options are available, it’s easy to boil some chicken breasts and shred them for topping. PARKER FEIERBACH   Ingredients 1 lb. pizza dough, divided in half cornmeal, for pan 4 tbsp. butter 1/4 c. hot sauce […]

We’ve all been there: You’re craving homemade pizza, but you want it fast—no time to deal with rolling out finicky pizza dough. The solution? Grab a loaf of  French bread, and get ready for the pizza hack of a lifetime. Instead of dealing with dough, use a loaf to create the delicious base to your pizza. Not only will […]

4 cups of full cream milk powder 1 cup of sugar 1 teaspoon cardamom powder 2-3 pinches of saffron 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter) ½ cup of milk 300 grams cooking chocolate. 1.  Add three quarter cup of water to the sugar and slowly bring to boil until the sugar has melted.  This should take […]

2 cups powdered milk 2 cups self raising flour 1/4 tsp cardamon powder Pinch of nutmeg 200ml yoghurt 1 bottle ghee ( for frying) SYRUP 2 cups sugar 2 cups water 1 tsp rose water In a bowl mix powdered milk, self raising four, cardmon powder and nutmeg; Mix the ingredients together for few minutes. […]

A mukbang or meokbang, also known as an eating show, is an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host consumes various quantities of food while interacting with the audience. The genre became popular in South Korea in the early 2010s, and has become a global trend since the mid-2010s.

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