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Down an unassuming alleyway in Pike Place Market is a hidden work of art dubbed The Gum Wall. This unexpected and colorful display is an intriguing representation of Seattle’s unique charm and character. The Gum Wall started in the 1990s when local patrons and performers at Unexpected Productions stuck their used gum on the wall. Since those […]

Scientists have created the quietest room in the world – and no one can stay inside for more than an hour. The room has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the quietest room in the world, where you can even hear your blood move inside the concrete chamber With a measured background noise that is 20 […]

India’s Tallest Ambedkar Statue The chief minister previously said that the statue to be inaugurated by him will be India’s tallest statue of Ambedkar. It has been built next to the state secretariat, opposite to Buddha statue, and located beside the Telangana Martyrs Memorial. He said it would inspire people daily and motivate the entire […]

Taking up a hobby can be intimidating at any age, but 89-year-old Seiichi Sano (Japan) loves trying new things. At the age of 80, after conquering Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan – he suddenly thought to himself: “why don’t I take up surfing?” And now, Seiichi is the oldest person to surf (male); […]

That’s about the perfect sentiment we can think of for a nice cup of tea! Tea is a wonderful drink that comes in a wide variety of different flavors, each of them having a distinct personality and character. It has been used for everything from a simple morning libation to the central element of certain […]


Nandini Gupta from Rajasthan’s Kota was crowned Femina Miss India 2023. Nandini was bestowed with the coveted title at the grand finale ceremony held on April 15. The 59th edition of India’s most prestigious beauty pageant was held at the Indoor Stadium, Khuman Lampak, Imphal, Manipur. The 19-year-old from Kota, Rajasthan dreamt of being Miss India […]

The largest chocolate bar by area measures 383.24 sqm and was achieved by Frits van Noppen, Jeroen Hollestein, Niek Verhoeven and Simon Koster (all Netherlands), in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 6 February 2020. The record attempt was done in order to celebrate the chocolate atelier Frits van Noppen’s 20th anniversary. The production of the bar took […]

Former US President Donald Trump is appearing before a specially secured Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday to be arraigned on history-making criminal charges Donald Trump’s next court date is not until December – which means he will be appearing as a criminal defendant just weeks before the Republican primary elections which determine who becomes the presidential […]

Ahhh, the ubiquitous carrot. A favorite food of rabbits, amazing for the eyesight, and the foundation of what is easily one of the greatest cakes ever conceived! This root vegetable is full of vitamins and nutrition, while being tasty as well! When people think of a carrot, it’s doubtless that the mind is immediately brought […]

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