Influencer Eats Raw Chicken Every Day For Viral Food Experiment

Written by on February 19, 2024

Watch: This Influencer Has Been Eating Raw Chicken Every Day In Viral Food Experiment

People are  growing more and more health conscious, different types of diets are making their way into our lives. In one such food experiment, a man has been eating raw chicken for 17 days now, aiming to continue it until he gets a ‘tummy ache.’ The man identified as John has been sharing videos of his consuming raw poultry on his Instagram page, aptly named ‘Raw Chicken Experiment’.

He started this experiment on January 19 and has been filming himself eating chunks of raw chicken, paired with various sides and seasonings. He firmly believes that eating raw meat is not as horrifying as we have been led to believe.

He claimed that he had not fallen sick since starting the experiment.

This is not the first time he has attempted something like this. He has previously documented a similar experiment on YouTube titled, ”Eating raw meat at Whole Foods every day till I die from bacteria” until he got bored after 200 days.

Many doctors and experts have said that his experiments could have actual deadly consequences.


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