Tim The Bear Rides Motorcycle Sidecar & Waves To Onlookers !!!!

Written by on May 15, 2024

Bear Rides Motorcycle Sidecar, Waves To Onlookers In Russia, Old Video Goes Viral Again

An old video that once captured the internet’s heart has resurfaced, showing a 250-pound bear named Tim cruising through the streets of Arkhangelsk, Russia, in a motorcycle sidecar.

According toΒ UPI news,Β the clip, filmed from a bystander’s car, shows Tim calmly waving to surprised onlookers as he enjoys the ride with his trainer from the Area 29 circus and a biker from the Polar Wolves club.

This time the video has been shared on X by a handle named Nature is Amazing with a caption that reads, “A bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar waving to people.

Just a normal day in Russia.”

This isn’t the first time Tim’s motorcycle adventures have gone viral.

The lovable bear was previously filmed on a similar ride last month in Syktyvkar. According to a circus administrator, Tim’s motorcycle outings are coordinated with local authorities to ensure everyone’s safety.

While the exact date of the original video is unclear, it’s clear that Tim’s charm transcends time. The resurfaced clip is once again capturing hearts online, proving that some things just never get old.

Despite going viral multiple times before, the video has clawed its way back into the spotlight, racking up an impressive 11 million views today alone.

Over a thousand comments have poured in, and it seems the internet can’t get enough of bears on motorcycles.


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