Man Dances While Holding Firecrackers Over His Head !!!! It’s No For Us

Written by on April 18, 2024

Video: Man Dances While Holding Firecrackers Over His Head, Then This Happens

The location where the video was shot is not known.

A video of a man dancing with a box of burning firecrackers while holding it over his head is going viral on social media.

The clip, shared on X (formerly Twitter), shows a group of men dancing at a wedding procession, followed by one of them lifting a box of firecrackers and placing it over his head.

The purportedly drunk man dances with the box for a few seconds while sparks gush from the container.

However, moments later, his hoodie catches fire, resulting in him falling and throwing the box away.

Since being shared on the microblogging site, the video has amassed more than 163,000 views and several comments.

The viral video is alerting people to avoid such silly acts. Reacting to the clip, one user termed the man “Kathron ke khiladi”, another wrote, “The camera man was lucky here”.

Meanwhile, a similar incident took place last year in Tamil Nadu where a dangerous stunt involving firecrackers, performed by a motorcyclist in Trichy, prompted a police search for the individual. The incident captured on video showed the biker performing a wheelie – a maneuver where the front wheels of the motorcycle are raised in the air. Notably, firecrackers were attached to the bike’s headlight and front number plate, detonating as the rider sped away with the front wheels raised.


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