Man Gets His Girlfriend’s Name Tattooed On His Lip!!!!

Written by on February 28, 2024

Man Gets His Girlfriend's Name Tattooed Inside His Lower Lip, Internet In Disbelief

To prove their love for their significant other, people often resort to unique and extravagant gestures.

However, a recent incident involving a man has left the internet in disbelief.

The man has caught the attention of the internet by tattooing his girlfriend’s name on his lower lip.

The video was posted on Instagram by tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal in December last year and is going viral on the internet.

The clip shows a tattoo artist etching the name ‘Amruta’ into the man’s lower lip.

He then begins the tattooing process and presents the final look to his viewers. Sharing the video, the handle wrote, “Love.”

The video has triggered hilarious reactions from the internet users. It has amassed 9 million views and an array of comments. Many users labelled the man as “crazy” and others poked fun at the situation.

source : NDTV

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