Man’s ‘Eno washing powder’ hack for removing Holi colour goes viral

Written by on March 26, 2024

A video demonstrating an ‘effective hack’ to remove stubborn Holi colours has surfaced online. Posted by X user ‘Professor’, the video features a young man using a mixture of shampoo and ENO (antacid) to eliminate the colours from his hands. Social media users were amused by the hack, humorously dubbing the mixture “Eno Washing powder.”

The process begins with the application of a small amount of shampoo onto the palm of his hand. He then adds a squeeze of lemon juice, followed by adding Eno powder, creating an unusual concoction.

With a few brisk rubs, the man shows his hands and claiming that the colour is gradually dissolving. To seal the deal, he rinses his hand with water, revealing the final result of his “colour-free” palms.

“Give this guy a medal. Watch now,” wrote the user, captioning the video in a sarcastic note.

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