Woman Tries To Color Hair By Using Chocolate Ice Cream!!!!!

Written by on March 26, 2024


Video: Woman Tries To Colour Hair By Using Chocolate Ice Cream, Internet Reacts

There is no dearth of people trying bizarre things on the internet.

From fusion food recipes to weird hacks to save time and money, social media users are trying it all. Adding to this list is a woman who used chocolate ice cream to color her hair.

The video has shocked everyone on the internet with a section of people arguing over the extent of internet trends.

The video was shared by TikTok Cringe Pop on Instagram.

In the video, a woman details how she saw a viral video of a hairstylist who colored a woman’s hair to a chocolate brown color “using ice creams”.

Impressed by the same, she decides to try the “hack” herself with three chocolate ice cream bars.

Additionally, the woman requests that her Instagram followers share more of these tricks.

Since being shared on March 11, the now-viral video has amassed  over four thousand likes.

source :NDTV

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