Paintings by Suda THE ELEPHANT

Written by on June 1, 2024

Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Artist (Painting) 
Born 2005 

Elephant Art Online

 Authentic Paintings Made by Elephants 

Suda is a 15 years old girl and has been painting for 10 years.  She is responsible for raising thousands of baht for our elephant hospital. She is a very gentle lady and she loves to paint and is very precise with all her paintings.

Elephant Art Online is a project that was started together with the owners of Maetaeng Elephant Park and Clinic in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The elephant park has been operating since 1989 and makes it living and support from tourism.

We take care of more than 80 elephants at the park and we are also the first fully licensed elephant hospital in Northern Thailand. We also accept elephants from all over the province to be treated at our hospital.

We have full-time veterinary staff and experienced Mahouts (elephant caretaker) with ancient knowledge of natural medicinal herbs and elephant behavior.

Since we are not funded by the government, we have the responsibility of funding and maintaining our clinic ourselves. Each elephant costs more than 3,000 USD per year to care for, and that does not include medical supplies.

Due to the sharp decline of tourism in Thailand, we came up with a creative way to raise money so that we can continue to feed our elephants, and give them the medical care that they need.

This means that when you buy an elephant painting from us, you not only get a unique piece of art, you also support our elephants and our hospital.

We would also like to point out that there is no way to force an elephant to do anything. They are highly individual beings, and we treat them with utmost respect and care to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

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