People are only just learning why pizza comes in square boxes rather than round

Written by on February 7, 2024

This is an image of a Pizza Hut pizza being prepared

(Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Everyone loves pizza, but many wonder ‘Why are pizza boxes square when the pizza inside is circular?’

A TikTok user named FactBuddy has shed some light on this mystery. In a short video titled “The reason pizza boxes are square and not round finally uncovered.”

He explained: “Have you ever wondered why pizza boxes are square? Pizzas are round, so shouldn’t the boxes be round too? Well, there actually have been designs for round boxes for over 15 years. Pizza places don’t typically like to use them.”

There’s another reason behind this puzzle. The video, liked by over 100 TikTok users, continued: “You see, round boxes use several pieces of cardboard and are difficult to stack, but square boxes are cheaper to produce requiring only a single sheet of cardboard.”



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