Potato Chip Rock: Mt Woodson Summit in San Diego

Written by on September 2, 2023

Potato Chip Rock is one of those hikes that even non-hikers want to go on to get a photo. It is located outside of San Diego, in the town of Poway, and it features a no joke 8-mile hike to a thin rock that people climb on, and that looks like it will break at any moment. I have done this hike many times over the years, with the first visit being in 2013. Back then, it was not the popular hike that it is today, and we basically had the whole rock to ourselves. Fast forward to 2020, and on a recent visit, over 50 people were waiting in line for a photo, and I have heard it can be over 100 on the weekends. It is still a great hike though, with beautiful views. Just be prepared to wait when you get to Potato Chip Rock.

This is the real highlight of this trek, as it is a unique rock and something I had never seen before. This rock requires some scrambling to get to the top of, and while it looks terrifying to stand on, it doesn’t feel that way until you get up on it. At that point, you can hear the echo of your footsteps, and that is a little weird.Β Of course, it should go without saying, this rock will one day break, so make sure you are careful if you chose to walk out on it.


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