Puppy With A Tail On Its Head

Written by on April 4, 2024

Little Narwhal has a tail on his head.

Heads or tails is the question to solve any simple dilemma.
But if you’re a particularly adorable Golden Retriever puppy, heads and tails are the same thing.
There has been a flood of offers to adopt Narwhal.
Narwhal is a rescue pup currently in the care of an animal shelter in rural Missouri by the name of Mac’s Mission.
He is also a biological marvel with a feature as rare as a unicorn.
The tiny pooch has a tail growing between his eyes.
The little tail does not wag and it does not appear to bother little Narwhal.
Mac’s Mission has been overwhelmed with offers to adopt Narwhal, but they are keeping him at the shelter to make sure the tail doesn’t grow out of proportion and cause the little puppy grief.

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