Qatar has Blue Roads

Written by on October 20, 2023

Why qatar has blue roads? If you are thinking of visiting Qatar, or you live in Qatar, you may be suprised to find some roads in Doha painted in blue while others are painted with the regular black asphalt. Painiting of roads in blue has never be done anywhere, Qatar are the first to have painted their roads blue.
The city administration doha painted the city roads in blue in a pilot project, however this roads are not painted blue so they could look attractive as they may be prettier than the walls of your room. But rather the roads are painted for an important reason. In this blog post we are going to reveal to you why the qatar government embarked on a project in 2019 to paint the countries road blue.
The Reason Behind Qatar Blue Roads
Qatar’s blue road
The reason behind qatar blue roads is because The City Administration of Doha decided to battle the effect of heat in their capital city. Brainaics belive painting of roads blue will combat the effect of extreme heat and provide coolness to the atmosphere. The knowledge behind this is that regular dark asphalt has a temperature nearly 20-25 degree celsius higher than the actual simply because black attracts and radiates heat. The temperature could soar more if there are no tress on the sides.
However, According to the public works authority the purpose of painting these roads with a cool colour like blue is for it to help in reducing the Temperature by 15-20 degrees, thereby increasing the service of life of the coating and control global warming. For now, the city administration is only painting one of the central streets and have set up temperture sensors beside the painted road to monitor and know the temperature.


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