Restaurants offer free wine, 10% discount to customers for not using phones during meal

Written by on June 10, 2023

In a bid to stop overuse of mobile phone during meals, a few restaurants in Australia have started adopting innovative methods to stop people from the habit. A restaurant in Australia provides 10% discount for keeping the mobile phone in a box while having food.

The idea is to stop patrons from sitting in silence and staring at their phones during meals. It is indeed the need of the hour, as people of today’s generation have forgotten to communicate in person.

In this restaurant, if you’re willing to throw away your beloved phone into the box, then you will get 10% discount.
In a similar manner, another restaurant in Sydney, Australia also started serving free wine to those who keep away their phones at dining table. However, the fire wine is for only one glass. The offer is now a big hit in the Australian town.

A social media user Tom Hartley shared the news and wrote, “What a brilliant idea. Restaurant in Australia; no mobile phone means 10% discount on the bill.”

Many social media users also applauded the amazing move of the restaurant.

“A few years ago in Buenos Aires, the restaurant had lockers for phones and if everyone put their mobiles away you got a free bottle of wine,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Love it, hope it takes off here too.”

“Why would you be on the phone while eating in the first place. Mediocre chat and food at best I guess,” wrote another user while another social media user commented, “Why is this a thing? What is the issue with people using mobile phones?”


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