sister names baby after ‘most iconic villain in history’ !!!

Written by on February 12, 2024

A woman has fallen out with her sister after she told her that the name she had chosen for her child would result in him being bullied

She thought the name was a joke when her sister announced it on Facebook (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/Caiaimage)

Choosing a name for your little one isn’t always going to be easy when there are literally thousands of options out there, but one woman could not quite believe it when she discovered what her teenage sister was planning on calling her child.

The woman explained that her sister was 19 at the time, four years younger than herself, and became pregnant unexpectedly with her boyfriend of three months. She said she believes her sister is not ready to have a child, which “shows in a multitude of ways, but none so egregious as her name announcement”.

The chosen name has caused a rift between the pair after the woman told her expectant sister that her child would bullied if she went through with it. Her sister announced the baby name on Facebook, sharing a photo of a calligraphy banner with ‘Anakin Skywalker’ followed by their last name.

The woman assumed she was joking and reacted with a laughing emoji, but when she called to ask what the boy’s real name would be, her sister confirmed “That’s exactly what we’ve decided to call him”.

The concerned woman told her sister the child would be bullied for being named after a Star Wars character who grows up to be Darth Vader – the ultimate bad guy – and pointed out that she didn’t even know her sister was a Star Wars fan.

The pair began to argue and the woman told her sister she was an “idiot” for not seeing the problem and her sibling hung up.

The woman is worried her nephew will be bullied.

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