Thai man finds bargain on iPhone 7, receives a table that looks like the Apple product instead

Written by on August 19, 2023

Online shopping can be simple and hassle-free, but the complaint of the delivered product not matching with photos online are frequent. Something similar happened recently when a Thai man got a bargain on an iPhone, only to receive an iPhone-shaped table instead! Pictures of the hilarious incident are going going viral across social media sites.

The young man learnt it the hard way that paying attention to details was important while purchasing products online, when a ‘huge iPhone’ arrived at his home. According to Oriental Daily, the unnamed customer claimed that he had ordered an iPhone 7 on e-commerce platform Lazada, but instead received a full-sized desk resembling the Apple product.

He was little confused when there was a higher delivery charge on the order, but it never struck him it wasn’t a mobile phone but a table that was on its way

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