The dog that looks like a cat. The Vietnamese Hmong Bobtail

Written by on March 24, 2023

The Hmong docked tail dogs are a rare species of dogs that are primarily found in Asian regions including China and Vietnam. These dogs are known for their hunting instincts and for being loyal companions to their families.

Hmong, pronounced as ‘mong’, docked tail dogs are a medium-sized breed of dog with a really short tail that gives it a docked appearance, hence the name. The tail is either not present or is very short, approximately 1-2 inches.

The reason why you might not have heard about the name before is that they are one of the rarest breeds of dogs and the information available online is quite limited. They are naturally very healthy dogs with strong bodies, muscles and excellent stamina.

Hmong dogs are a native dog breed to northern Vietnam and listed as one of the four national dog breeds by Vietnam Kennel Association, VKA. Although they are hunters by nature, they have been largely domesticated by the Vietnamese people for livestock protection and as hunting companions.

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