The internet fell in love with mesmerizing puppy eyes!

Written by on May 31, 2023

Adorable puppies are programmed to win people’s hearts at first glance but in this specific case of unbelievable cuteness, it is nearly impossible to resist going “awwww.” Meet an unreasonably cute doe-eyed cocker spaniel from the UK called Winnie.

Meet Winnie, The Cocker Spaniel That Looks Like A Real-Life Disney Character

Image credits: winnie_thecocker

Winnie’s captivating huge hazel-colored puppy eyes, framed with long fluttery eyelashes most girls would be jealous of have earned her the well-deserved title of ‘princess’. Her uncommon appearance and unique features awed people on social media who immediately claimed she’s one of the Disney characters. A real-life ‘Lady’ from Lady And The Tramp or a canine princess?

Her owners, Ellée and Tom, have been sharing Winnie’s adventures since before she was born, as though they already knew about their cute doggo’s upcoming success. Her first Instagram post was a photo from the womb and no one could have guessed that a star is about to conquer the world.

A video of Winnie blew up popular social media platform TikTok with 2.3 million views and everything changed for the new family. Mesmerized fans started following the life of Winnie and bringing fame to the furry doggo and business opportunities for the owners.


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