UK YouTuber Couple Explores India In Autorickshaw !!!!!

Written by on April 1, 2024

Forget five-star hotels and curated experiences. The new wave of travel influencers crave authenticity, seeking experiences that push boundaries and challenge perceptions.

UK YouTuber Couple Explores India In Autorickshaw, Covering 9,000 Km In Just 9 Months

Embarking on a nine-month odyssey across the vibrant landscapes of India, UK-based travel influencers Liam and Janine Day, celebrated for their YouTube channel ‘Those Happy Days,’ undertook a remarkable voyage of exploration and cultural immersion.

The adventurous couple opted for an autorickshaw affectionately dubbed ‘Pete’ as their mode of transport, traversing 9,000 kilometers from Kanyakumari to Amritsar.

As their Indian expedition drew to a close, Liam and Janine made a poignant gesture by donating ‘Pete’ to a dog sanctuary in Amritsar.

The autorickshaw was repurposed into a dog ambulance, facilitating numerous rescues and garnering substantial support through their documentary video, which raised thousands of dollars for the sanctuary.

With their unconventional journey leaving an indelible mark on both their lives and the communities they encountered, Liam and Janine bid farewell to India, cherishing the memories and lessons gleaned from their extraordinary adventure.


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