Viral-Elderly Man Distributing Biscuits To Bus Drivers !!!!

Written by on March 12, 2024

Heartwarming Video Of Elderly Man Distributing Biscuits To Bus Drivers In Mumbai Is Viral

A heartwarming video from Mumbai has caught the attention of the internet.

The now-viral video shows an elderly man’s act of compassion for bus drivers. The video posted on Instagram by Minal Patel shows a touching scene where an elderly man stopped the moving buses on Hughes Road and distributed biscuit packets to the drivers.

The elderly man stood near a divided, bus, one after another, paused at the specified location. The man handed biscuit packets to the drivers with a warm smile.

In the comments section, an Instagram user named Rubaina Merchant shared that the man was her grandfather. “Thank you for appreciating his effort and sharing it with the world. We would love to see more people stand along with him and spread the kindness.”

The video has gathered more than 2 million views on Instagram and an array of comments.



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