Woman Dances In Mumbai Local Train !!!!!!

Written by on February 27, 2024

Woman Dances In Mumbai Local Train, Railways React

The trend of people dancing inside metro trains, railway platforms, and other public places has seen a sharp rise. Such acts are not only annoying for the public, but can also be risky at times.

One such video has surfaced on the internet showing a young woman dancing to a Bhojpuri song inside a moving train coach on a local train in Mumbai.

The video shows a woman, dressed in a black crop top and a skirt, getting up from her seat and dancing to a Bhojpuri song.

Her dance moves drew the attention of all the passengers in the coach.

Further in the video, some people are also seen hiding their faces with bags as they seem uncomfortable about being filmed.

Several people criticized her and called the act a nuisance for other commuters. The post caught the attention of railway authorities as well.

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