Woman Fired For Eating Leftover Sandwich !!!!!!!

Written by on February 22, 2024

Woman Fired For Eating Leftover Sandwich Found In UK Company's Meeting Room

A cleaner in the United Kingdom was fired by a top London law firm for eating a leftover tuna sandwich which she found in a meeting room, according to a report in theΒ Guardian.

The woman Gabriela Rodriguez, hailing from Ecuador, worked at Devonshires Solicitors for two years and is now taking legal action against them.

The United Voices of the World union, which represents the rights of migrant workers, stated that the woman was sacked a few days before Christmas last year after the contractor Total Clean received a complaint of leftover sandwiches not being returned.

They confirmed that Ms Rodriguez ate a sandwich worth 1.50 euros (Rs 134 approximately) which she thought would be thrown after a meeting of lawyers.

According to the legal affairs website RollOnFriday, the woman was fired for taking “client property … without authority or reasonable excuse”. The union claims that the request for Ms Rodriguez’s removal was an act of discrimination, claiming that if she were not a Latin American with limited English, the company would not have complained about her, resulting in her firing.

To protest against her firing and to get her reinstated, several union workers gathered outside the law firm’s office on February 14 with “100 cans of tuna, 300 hand-wrapped sandwiches, several helium heart-shaped balloons, and love letters for Rodriguez”.

In an interview with the outlet, Ms Rodriguez said that it was “common practice” for staff members to take leftovers for lunch. “On a normal day, some sandwiches were left in the canteen after meetings of lawyers; it was a common practice for people to help themselves for lunchtime.


source: NDTV

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