Woman’s Hair Freezes As She Steps Outside !!!

Written by on February 16, 2024

Video: Woman's Hair Freezes As She Steps Outside Into Sub-Zero Sweden Weather

Northern Sweden temperature: Elvira shared the video during the country’s coldest January.

Elvira Lundgren, a Swedish social media influencer, froze the internet (almost literally) with a recent video showcasing her hair transformed into a glistening ice crown after stepping outside in the -30 degree Celsius depths of northern Sweden.

Sweden: Elvira Lundgren's Hair Freezes, Turns Into Glistening Ice Crown as  Swedish Social Media Influencer Steps in Sub-Zero Temperature (Watch Video)  | πŸ‘ LatestLY

Lundgren’s viral clip serves as a chilling reminder of the severe weather gripping the country, with temperatures plummeting to bone-numbing extremes in some regions.

Social media platforms are becoming flooded with bizarre tales of the arctic blast’s impact, from frozen car doors and beardcicles to pets sporting impromptu fursicles. While Lundgren’s frozen mane might grab the headlines, it’s a stark reminder of the real-world challenges posed by this frigid episode.

Lind said that Wednesday’s measurement was made at the Kvikkjokk-Arrenjarka station in Sweden’s far north.

“It is the lowest temperature that has been recorded in this specific spot since measurements began” in 1888, he said.


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