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Steve Jobs | Biography, Education, Apple, & Facts | Britannica

 Much of Apple’s success is due to the vision of Steve Jobs, the late cofounder. Without him, Apple as we know it today might not even exist.

In 1976, after he dropped out of college, Jobs cofounded Apple with his high-school friend, while they were still in their 20s, according to “Steve Jobs,” a biography by Walter Isaacson.

Jobs would leave Apple in 1985 to start a new company, NeXT.,

In August of that year, Jobs took the stage at the company’s Macworld Expo event to announce that Apple had taken a $150 million investment from its long-time rivals at Microsoft.

“We need all the help we can get,” Jobs said, to boos from the audience.

Behind the scenes, Jobs was also busy making some big changes for Apple employees: Under Jobs, the Apple cafeteria got much better food, and employees were barred from bringing their pets to the campus. He wanted everybody focused on their Apple jobs.

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