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The small wooden box that hangs on the side of a mountain provides refreshments to climbers who need a quick break in the middle of their climb.According to CGTN, the […]

An Ohio woman was arrested for breaking into random houses, cleaning them and leaving a bill behind along with her contact information.

To dream of having missed a boat that was supposed to pick you up represents feelings about having lost an opportunity to safely get through an uncertain or negative situation. […]

To dream of lice represents thoughts and feelings of being unclean physically or emotionally. You may feel guilt, regret, used, dirty, or like you’re not good enough. Feelings about about […]

A woman in Brazil fell in love with a man who robbed her and now their bizarre love story has gone viral on social media. The couple detailed their romantic […]

There is a museum dedicated to failed products. The Museum of Failure contains around 159 failed products and innovations. Source:

To dream of rags represents resources or tools you use to address or ‘clean up’ problems, which you might perceive as unimportant, insignificant, or disposable. A resource or tool that […]

To dream of being underwater represents being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or uncertainty. It may also reflect preoccupation with sadness, guilt, or fear. Difficult circumstances. Overwhelming emotional turmoil. Feeling […]

Thieves Stole An Entire Beach In Jamaica Back In 2008 & No Culprits Have Been Found Since. That’s what happened on July 20, 2008 in Jamaica. 500 truckloads of sand […]

A globetrotting teddy that was accidentally left behind on a mountain in Scotland will soon be reunited with his delighted owner after being rescued by a hiker. Alastair Tyson feared […]

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