Author: Anamika Singh

In a bizarre incident, a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra sought divorce from her husband after he failed to get her a ₹5 packet of Kurkure. As reported by LiveHindustan report, the […]

  Recently, a video surfaced which showed a passenger’s kind act towards an auto driver. The video has amassed over nine lakh views on social media.The video was shared by […]

Most of the women who are seen driving such expensive cars are young. However, here we have a video of a 73-year-old grandma from Kerala who is seen driving a […]

Tanweer Saddiq of Nadi Muslim College has finished 2nd in the Sub junior Boys 100m Prelims. His next run will be tomorrow in the 100m Final and 200m. We wish […]

Wing Kingz, a restaurant located in Canterbury, Kent, UK, has introduced a new culinary challenge designed to test the limits of spice tolerance.  The aptly named “Earn Your Wingz” challenge […]

In an essay written for Body + Soul, bride Casey (not her real name) explained that it was the night before she was due to marry Alex (also a pseudonym) when […]

A Pune man recently said goodbye to his allegedly toxic workplace, and it was no ordinary farewell. Aniket, a sales associate, summoned musicians to his office and danced to the […]

An egg donated by a poor man for the construction of a mosque in a Kashmir village has been auctioned for more than ₹ 2 lakh. Reports say after villagers in the […]

An Indian man has been attacked every day for the past three years by crows ‘bent on vengeance’ after one of their chicks died in his hands. Shiva Kewat, from Madhya […]

A recent drone search for a missing husky in Kamchatka, Russia, took a surprising turn when the pet was found not alone, but playfully interacting with a group of wild […]

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