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An Indian man has been attacked every day for the past three years by crows ‘bent on vengeance’ after one of their chicks died in his hands. Shiva Kewat, from Madhya […]

A recent drone search for a missing husky in Kamchatka, Russia, took a surprising turn when the pet was found not alone, but playfully interacting with a group of wild […]

One boss has gone viral on Reddit for his unconventional approach to hiring sales engineers: a night out with a hidden test. This method involves taking candidates for drinks and […]

n a shocking instance, a woman was devastated after discovering that she had used shower gel to make dinner instead of “pure Greek olive” oil, as per a report in Newsweek. […]

Everybody has at some point in their lives confused something for something else. But it just takes us a few seconds to recognise that we are mistaken. Yet a kind-hearted […]

luxury fashion brand Balenciaga which is often in the news for its quirky products, launched a bracelet that looks exactly like a tape. The product looks like a regular roll […]

An American man from the state of Ohio was arrested after repeatedly calling his son’s school and the police to complain about homework, according to According to reports, Adam Sizemore […]

Kavya Dhakad from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri, was earlier reported to have been kidnapped. Kavya studies in Kota and has been missing since March 17.  The last location of her phone […]

Pon Mariappan runs a unique salon in Thoothukudi . There are no fancy posters of models, no blaring music. Instead, there is a mini library with over 400 books , […]

The wreck of the Merchant Royal, a 17th-century English ship laden with 4 billion pounds of treasure, has never been found, despite centuries of searching. Now, a UK company equipped […]

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