Bird Leaves Police Officers Confused !!!!

Written by on April 13, 2024

Bird Leaves Police Officers Confused In UK By Copying Siren Sound

The police in a UK town was left confused by a bird’s impression of the siren. According to the BBC, the mimicking was “so accurate” that it left officers of the Thames Valley Police into believing that their cars were faulty.

The road policing team was based at Bicester police station, the outlet further said.

Posting on social media, a spokesperson of the police team said it was “100% real and NOT a late April Fools joke”.

The post became a hit with users on X, with many of them asking if the bird was part of “special branch” or the “flying squad”.

“From our workshops that test out the two tone tune to officers deploying to jobs, this little fella has been sat patiently observing the noise to recreate it,” Thames Valley Police said on X.

It added that the officers were left “a little confused”.

Some users identified the bird as Starling, which are believed to be excellent mimics. They are able to imitate the calls of other birds, mechanical sounds, and even other things like motorcycles and tea kettles.

According to All About Birds, they are stocky black birds with short tails, triangular wings and long, pointed bills. These birds are covered in white spots during winter, and turn dark and glossy in summer.


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