World’s Oldest Hotel

Written by on April 13, 2024

The history of the Keiunkan inn dates back 1300 years to the year 705AD (the 2nd year of the Keiun era), when Fujiwara Mahito founded the inn. Because it was founded in the Keiun era, the inn was thus named Keiunkan. The hot spring has flowed freely without interruption since then and is loved by many townsfolk, military commanders and cultured peoples as a secluded place deep in the mountains of the Kai region. Keiunkan, to this day, still embodies the unchanging hospitality of the heart of Japanese harmony for all of our guests.

Keiunkan is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, the same region as the World Heritage-listed Mt. Fuji. View the grand sight of Japan’s greatest sacred mountain, Mt. Fuji, while you make your way to the world’s longest-standing inn, Keiunkan.





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